Hammers Hule

#S3E3 - Carsten Oldengaard

Today's guest in Hammers Hule is mental trainer, Carsten Oldengaard. Carsten has previously been an elite athlete, coach, association consultant, process consultant, psychiatric physiotherapist, and now he uses all his experience to help dedicated athletes and coaches. Carsten has been working as a mental coach in the world of sports for more than 10 years and has for example helped athletes like football player Pernille Harder, badminton comet Viktor Axelsen and national handball team goalkeeper Kevin Møller. Come inside the cave and hear the Herningenser's take on what mentally characterises the athletes who reach the top, and what the online social network actually means for mental training. You can also hear which of Carsten's tools Frans Hammer still uses today - and why. You might even get some inspiration on what tools you can use to move to the top floor yourself?

Matilde Brixen

June 17, 2022